ramenpowered oFinished my job charm project!

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ramenpowered oNot surprisingly, Eureka has been mapped and catalogued already:

(Will link this in event too for ref)
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ramenpowered o4.25 is here! Hope to see you guys around, looking forward to exploring Eureka together. :d

ramenpowered oMap Locations Link for anyone that needs it: [link]
ramenpowered oAlice from Ultros posted an AMAZING small house loft decor + a "stage" loft bug you can use to make your own. Going to definitely do this!
Alice's House Designs in Final Fantasy XIV
Decorating is love, decorating is life.] [Alice Lucis'caelum] [Ultros]
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ramenpowered oAnd not even a few drinks in .... Wooohooo!!
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