Welcome to the Summoner's Sanctuary! (Arcanum optional.)

Recruitment Status: CLOSED

Due to the influx of new members from our latest open recruitment, we're now closed until after the winter holiday. We are proud of our family-style, supportive environment, and we keep that strong by only adding so many people at one time.

We will re-open recruitment after December or around the release of Patch 4.2

NOTE: Friends of FC members are welcome anytime! Just as your friend to invite you. :)

About Us

We are a small but active, family-style Free Company on Malboro. Our focus is to provide a fun, supportive environment for our members - a true online sanctuary!

We offer all the usual perks of a long-established FC:

  1. A Large House in Shirogane, with Diadem-accessible airship
  2. XP buffs available anytime, any others as requested
  3. Dungeon Roulettes with FC members almost every night
  4. Regular group events such as Treasure-Map hunting, Un-synced ex farms, etc
  5. TeamSpeak3 Server for dungeon crawling, but never required, except for serious content progression. (FC chat is encouraged over voice chat for social)

We accept players of all types. If you are new, our vets will help you. If you're a vet, you've got like minded fellows to run end-game content with if you like. Want to spend all night crafting or gathering? Yeah, we have a few of those too. :)

If you're interested in joining the FC, please check out the Recruitment page. We also welcome anyone to our LinkShell - just message one of our members.

*All Classes, Levels, and experiences welcome.*

Contact us